Prize Money Payout


We wish to congratulate all the teams and players on their victories at Gigacon 2017. Below you can find the information on how to claim prize money from the Gigacon tournaments arranged during Gigacon 2017. Please check the general information here before moving further:

  1. Prize Money must be claimed within 30 days after the event.
  2. All prize money will be paid out within 90 days of the end of the event.
  3. Prize money is paid in NOK.
  4. If you have won a team based tournament, only ONE invoice must be sent from the organization / person in charge for the team.

Will it really take up-to 90 days? In reality it will probably go quicker. After Gigacon wraps up an event, we have to send invoices to our sponsors and partners, and that is a process that can take between 30 to 60 days in some cases due to working with international sponsors, and each sponsors internal processes for payment rollouts. So 90 days is set with the slowest imaginable margins to make sure we have adequate time. In addition, the timing of the payouts for the different tournaments may vary, as the sponsorships may arrive at different timings, meaning someone might get it in 1-2 weeks and someone will have to wait, in worst case, closer to deadline.

1. The invoice shall be made out to [email protected] with following information:

Org.Nr: 914 841 488
Bråvann Platå 51A
4624 Kristiansand

2. The invoice needs to be marked with due date 90 days from the end of the event.
3. The invoice needs to contain name of the tournament – team and placement. Example: Gigacon Prime CS:GO 2017 – Team Awesome – 1st Place
4. The invoice shall be issued in NOK.
5. The invoice shall contain bank information including IBAN & SWIFT/BIC