We are humbled and proud to announce the Polaris Series PUBG 2018
A true Battle Royale LAN Arena where participants will get a chance to compete for a prizepool of 500.000 NOK

The tournament sign-ups are on a first come, first served basis and will take place offline in Oslo, Norway between 29 of September and 2nd of October
on The Polaris LAN Pro Series event. While PUBG and Battle Royale esports in general is at an early stage, our vision for the Polaris Series PUBG tournament is
to do a true Battle Royale LAN arena where up-to 800 players will be able to sign up, secure tickets, bring their devices and battle it out for a legendary prizepool.

The format, point system, schedule and prize pool divide has now been announced on Battlefy (link below!)

500.000 NOK Prizepool PUBG LAN Arena FPP 4v4 (Squad) Up-to 200 squads

Polaris PUBG Prizing

Placement Prizing
1st 200.000 NOK
2nd 100.000 NOK
3rd 70.000 NOK
4th 50.000 NOK
5th - 8th 20.000 NOK
9th - 16th Goodie bags


Sign-ups are available. Everyone with a valid LAN ticket (and the checkpoints below), have a 100% secured spot in the tournament:

  • I understand that tournament is played offline in Oslo, Norway
  • I understand that each player is responsible for their own travels
  • I understand that I require an LAN Arena ticket to participate
  • I understand that I need my own equipment to play